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Protecting Victims of Police Misconduct

Foutris Law Office, Ltd. is a civil rights firm that is passionate about protecting victims of police misconduct in Hammond, IN. Federal law makes it unlawful for state or local law enforcement authorities to engage in a pattern of conduct that deprives people of their rights protected by the Constitution. When you find yourself the victim of police misconduct, it is easy to feel isolated and as if you have no place to turn, this is why you need a civil rights lawyer on your side.

If your civil rights have been violated by the police, detectives, or other law enforcement officials, contact Hammond Civil Rights Attorney, Basileios "Bill" Foutris. Foutris Law Office, Ltd. has won more than 75% of trials, and recovered compensation for more than 95% of its clients. You can look to these results to affirm why the firm is the one to trust with your case.

Police misconduct includes, but is not limited to:

The Civil Rights Lawyer Who Has Shared Your Experience

Attorney Foutris experienced police brutality firsthand as a teenager. He knows how it feels to have the police point a gun at him for no justifiable reason. His personal experience allows him to connect with victims and understand what it's like to be the victim of police misconduct or brutality.

Prior to founding the Foutris Law Office, Ltd. to bring justice to the victims of police misconduct, Attorney Foutris defended police officers who were accused of civil rights violations.

This experience proved invaluable as it gave him insight into the mentality of police officers and the tactics used to defend their civil rights cases. Further, the experience taught Attorney Foutris how and where to look for evidence of wrongdoing, and how the opposition defends allegations of taser abuse, police shootings, and coerced confessions.

The Police Need to be Held Accountable

Unfortunately, law enforcement can attract certain personalities that abuse their power and authority. Even good cops can be coerced or talked into doing things they wouldn't normally do, and whether a law enforcement officer is ethical or not, as a general rule, law enforcement is known for banding together and protecting their "code of silence."

In any case, the police need to be held accountable for their actions and police misconduct cannot be tolerated or quietly swept under the rug, especially when a person's constitutional rights are violated. When you work with Foutris Law Office, Ltd., you will have a dedicated legal advocate who is determine to hold those who wronged you accountable.

When your rights have been violated by the very agencies entrusted to protect you, you can turn to the firm to protect your civil rights. Contact the firm today to get started!

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