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Representing Victims of Police Misconduct in Chicago

Society has entrusted police officers with the awesome power and authority to investigate, detain, arrest, and charge citizens. Society has also granted law enforcement officers the right to use physical violence, including deadly force, when appropriate. Police officers have access to numerous weapons and advanced technology to do their job, including drones, video surveillance equipment, police dogs ("K-9"), batons, asps, pepper spray, tasers, and firearms, and they are sometimes equipped with defensive armor. The average citizen has only a single protection against such an overwhelming disparity of resources: their civil rights.

The Bill of Rights within the United States Constitution exists, in large part, to guard citizens from the abuse of police authority. Unfortunately, the constitutional safeguards that all Americans enjoy are often ignored by police officers. When people have had their civil rights violated by the police, they feel helpless, believing that there is nothing they can do to remedy the situation or to prevent the police from victimizing others. The truth is that people are not helpless when they are the victims of police abuse. Help is available.

An experienced Chicago civil rights lawyer from Foutris Law Office, Ltd. can represent you in a lawsuit to hold the abusive police officers accountable for their actions, and to recover fair and just compensation for their wrongdoing. If you are the victim of police misconduct, then you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering, as well as punitive damages against the individual police officers.

Contact a Chicago civil rights attorney for support & legal representation when your rights have been violated. We can fight for justice & compensation.

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