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Coerced Confessions in Chicago

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Were you coerced into confessing to a crime during a criminal investigation? You can come to Foutris Law Office, Ltd. for a consultation to learn about your rights to compensation.

If you were prosecuted in criminal court due to a coerced confession, you may be able to file a lawsuit to obtain compensation. A Chicago civil rights attorney can investigate the circumstances of the confession to determine whether you have been the victim of police misconduct and help you file a civil rights lawsuit in search of justice.

Understanding Coerced & Involuntary Confessions

During police questioning, a criminal suspect is typically in a vulnerable position. In your case, you may have been tired and confused, extremely concerned for your future, and anxious to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. You may also have been unaware of the extent of your civil rights and how to exercise them.

Many individuals in such a position will fall victim to the tactics that police officers use to trick a suspect into confessing to a crime that they did not commit, such as deceptive questioning designed to trap the suspect into making a self-incriminating statement. Police officers will often lie during questioning, such as by claiming to have evidence, witnesses, or a confession from an accomplice.

Were You Coerced into Making a Confession?

When interrogators use intimidation and threats of physical violence to extract a confession, the suspect may have grounds for a lawsuit. This is especially true in cases of police brutality where the interrogators essentially torture the suspect into confessing guilt.

Chicago civil rights attorney Bill Foutris has a background representing police officers in civil rights lawsuits, and he knows how to investigate for evidence of their wrongdoing. He has secured favorable outcomes in many cases where it was a matter of the client's word against the cops' word. He is ready to meet with you to begin work on your claim.

Contact a Chicago civil rights lawyer who can represent you in a lawsuit to recover compensation when you were coerced into making a confession.

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