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Police officers and other law enforcement officials are entrusted with tremendous power and authority to keep the peace and protect citizens from harm. When an individual officer abuses this power to arrest or detain a citizen for something the arrestee did not do, the victim has a right to seek redress for a civil rights violation.

Bill Foutris, the law firm’s founder, has spent decades litigating false arrest lawsuits in Chicago and across northern and central Illinois, as well as in northern Indiana. He knows the tactics law enforcement officers use to justify unlawful arrests, as well as how to investigate for evidence that they have broken the law. Contact the firm today to receive a consultation and for dedicated advocacy for your rights to compensation.

A police officer that deprives a citizen of his or her civil rights by framing the citizen can be liable for monetary damages under Section 1983 of the United States Code. Also, the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution guarantees the right against unlawful search & seizure, and if you have been detained or arrested without probable cause you may be able to obtain compensation. For instance, many people have had guns or drugs planted on them by police officers. If a police officer put a gun or drugs on you that belonged to somebody else, you may be able to obtain compensation for the violation of your rights.

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Making a complaint to the police department can be a waste of time since the police typically protect the police. If you want justice for your false arrest, you should retain an experienced Chicago civil rights lawyer to represent you. In addition, your arrest might also have resulted in a due process violation, which can also be an independent claim for compensation. Also, a false arrest often leads to malicious prosecution, a complicated claim that you should hire a lawyer at Foutris Law Office, Ltd. to file for you. When it comes to a false arrest lawsuit, you may not only have a claim against the officer who arrested you, but also against any other police officer whose failure to intervene is equally reprehensible. An attorney from the firm can help you defend your rights against police misconduct.

Contact a Chicago civil rights lawyer to learn more about the compensation you may be entitled to receive after being the victim of false arrest.

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