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K-9 units are an essential tool for police officers. However, not only can police dogs needlessly cause serious injuries to arrestees, but they can also be dangerous to the public because they are difficult to control after being unleashed. Every year many innocent people suffer injuries from police dogs. In addition, many people suffer injuries during an arrest due to an overly aggressive police K-9.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of excessive force involving a police dog while being arrested, or injured by a K-9 unit while minding your own business, you need an experienced civil rights attorney who can help you recover financial compensation to pay for medical expenses, lost income, and other damages suffered by the attack. At Foutris Law Office, Ltd., we are ready to hold police officers accountable for their K-9 unit’s actions.

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Lawsuits Involving Police Dogs

K-9 dogs are used to perform a variety of activities on behalf of law enforcement officials, such as apprehending suspects and searching for explosives and narcotics. Yet, these canines are dangerous and potential lethal weapons.

Common examples of potential lawsuits involving K-9 units include:

  • The dog ignores the handling officer’s commands to stop biting
  • The officer either fails to call off the K-9 unit or delays calling it off
  • The officer orders the dog to attack or bite as an act of excessive force
  • The officer orders the dog to attack even after the suspect complies or gives up
  • The dog goes after the wrong person
  • The dog escapes its handler and attacks an innocent bystander

Being attacked by a K-9 unit is a scary and painful experience. Police dogs can cause significant and even irreparable damage, such as disfigurement, scarring, nerve damage, paralysis, and even death.

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Attorney Bill Foutris has successfully handled hundreds of civil rights cases involving police misconduct and pursuits, and he has successfully handled police dog injury cases. Our Chicago police K-9 injury lawyer can investigate the incident, collect evidence, and develop a strong and personalized legal strategy to maximize your compensation.

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