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Chicago civil rights attorney Bill Foutris has extensive experience representing victims of police brutality. Contact Foutris Law Office, Ltd. to speak with an attorney who has decades of experience fighting for individuals who have suffered all types of police misconduct, from people being shot by the police, beaten, maced, tased, and even attacked by police dogs. Police brutality lawyer Bill Foutris has successfully obtained compensation for the vast majority of his clients. He genuinely cares about his clients on a personal level, and he will aggressively pursue your rights to compensation and the justice you deserve.

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Know Your Civil Rights

Police officers are entrusted to protect citizens, yet there have been countless cases of wanton cruelty and abuse against innocent victims by police officers. Police brutality refers to situations where law enforcement officials legally entitled to use force exceed the minimum amount necessary to diffuse an incident or protect themselves from harm. The use of excessive force or unnecessary violence during and after arrest is not allowed in Illinois, or federally.

Importantly, excessive force and police brutality don't just apply to situations of deadly force; they can also exist in cases where injuries are relatively minor but nonetheless resulted from an unreasonable use of force. When law enforcement officials act in a way that goes beyond the scope of their authority and infringes on your civil rights, you can file a civil rights lawsuit to fight for the compensation for your injuries you deserve.

Qualified Immunity

Perhaps the most direct obstacle to a police brutality lawsuit is the law of “qualified immunity”, which, generally, protects public officers from civil liability so long as they were reasonably performing their duties and the rights of the individual involved were not "clearly established." The rationale for this policy is to enable law enforcement officers to do their job without the constant worry of being sued for every contact that they make with the public. To benefit from this immunity, though, generally, officials would need to show that a reasonable person in their position wouldn't have known that their actions violated clearly established law.

An experienced police brutality attorney can help you develop a strong case upon evaluation of the circumstances you were in.

Have You Suffered Police Brutality in Chicago? Call a Lawyer Immediately.

The victims of police brutality experience not only the pain and suffering of the abuse, but also the emotional trauma and humiliation of being deprived of their human dignity. You deserve to be compensated for the unreasonable actions of the police officer who violated your civil rights, as well as for the complicity.

Contact a Chicago civil rights attorney for aggressive representation in a police brutality lawsuit to recover the settlement you deserve.

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