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Attorney Bill Foutris of Foutris Law Office, Ltd. has represented many families of people who were shot and killed by police officers, and he has also represented many who survived after they were shot by police officers. Police shooting cases are not typical lawsuits. They involve different evidence, require knowledgeable experts, and demand attorneys experienced in doggedly pursuing those types of cases. If you or your loved one was the victim of a police shooting, you should not settle for a lawyer or law firm that has never, or has only infrequently, handled a police shooting case. For experienced legal counsel in a case of police shooting, contact Chicago attorney Bill Foutris as soon as possible to help you pursue your rights to compensation and justice.

Bill Foutris has handled and prevailed in police shooting cases against Chicago police officers, including one case that resulted in international headlines. Attorney Foutris has also handled police shooting cases in other areas of Illinois, including places like Rockford, Crystal Lake, and Decatur. He has also investigated police shootings in Indiana and Wisconsin. Bill is not afraid to pursue police shooting cases, and he is recognized as an effective advocate for the families that hire him. In fact, Bill has been contacted by other plaintiffs’ attorneys seeking his help to prosecute police shooting cases.

Proving fault in this type of case is often difficult, as the police officer will typically allege that the shooting was somehow provoked. As a Chicago civil rights firm that has handled many police shooting cases over the years and is still handling multiple police shooting cases at present, Foutris Law Office Ltd. knows how to successfully litigate these cases, whereas most law firms do not even know where to begin.

Police Shooting Lawsuits: What You Should Know

In police shooting cases, a plaintiff may seek either a state claim under Illinois law, or a federal claim pursuant to the United States Constitution alleging that the officer violated the plaintiff's civil rights, or both. For example, a state willful and wanton negligence claim may allege that an officer drove recklessly through a busy intersection in pursuit of a suspect, accidentally striking and killing a pedestrian in the crosswalk. On the other hand, a federal claim might allege that an officer used excessive force in violation of the Fourth Amendment, leading to the victim's death.

Federal law states that peace officers who subject any U.S. resident to "the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws" (42 U.S.C. § 1983) may be held liable for those injuries. For example, generally, a federal wrongful death complaint against a law enforcement officer might cite several constitutional violations, including the following:

  • Excessive force (Fourth Amendment) – the shooting was excessive and unreasonable, especially if the victim posed no immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury at the time.
  • Denial of medical care (Fourth Amendment) – the officers knew that failure to provide timely medical treatment to the victim could result in further significant injury, but they disregarded the serious medical need.
  • Inadequate training (Municipal Liability) – the city’s training polices were not adequate to train its police officers to handle such usual and recurring situations.

Be aware that since peace officers may use force in proportion to what is needed in the course of their duties, whether to arrest a suspect or defend themselves, it is not easy to prove whether an officer used excessive force or was responding to a perceived threat. However, the bottom line is that these decisions rest on the available facts and evidence, as reviewed by the jury.

Wrongful death by police claims in state court usually deal with claims of either willful and wanton negligence or the intentional infliction of harm leading up to the victim’s death.

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Whether you were personally injured by police gunfire or if you want to file a wrongful death lawsuit after losing a family member to the reckless or malicious actions of a police officer, Foutris Law Office, Ltd. can help fight for your civil rights and obtain the justice you deserve. Our firm has proudly achieved the following:

  • Successfully represented multiple families of people that were unjustifiably shot to death by police
  • Successfully represented multiple people that survived being unjustifiably shot by police
  • Other law firms ask Foutris Law Office to help them with their police shootings lawsuits
  • Helped victims of police shootings navigate the cauldron of media scrutiny that results from a police shooting

Let Attorney Bill Foutris examine the facts of your situation and help you plan your next legal steps to vindicate your civil rights.

Contact a Chicago police shooting lawyer if you or a loved one has been injured in a police shooting. Take effective action to redress your wrongs!

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