Family of Teen Fatally Shot by Police Being Sued by Officer

Chicago Police Department Office Robert Rialmo was called to the scene of a domestic violence dispute in late December 2015, where he encountered 19-year old Quintonio LeGrier with a baseball bat in his hands. Moments later, Rialmo and other officers opened fire on the LeGrier, fatally shooting him and a bystander, Ms. Jones. Now, in a turn of events to be considered unusual by any standard, Officer Rialmo is suing the LeGrier family for $10 million, citing emotional damages.

There is nothing ordinary about this lawsuit. Typically if a lawsuit arises out of a police shooting, it is the victim's family seeking compensation for apparent police brutality or a violation of civil rights. In fact, Antonio LeGrier, Quintonio's father, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department, claiming that excessive force was used and that his son was not endangering anyone.

At this point in time, Rialmo and his attorneys are claiming that Quintonio was within "close range" and swung a baseball bat at the officers' heads at least twice. Mr. LeGrier is insistent that his son was 20, maybe even 30 feet away from anyone when the bullets were fired. The finality of the evidence, which has not surfaced in great detail so far, may determine who has the ability to win their case, the LeGriers or Officer Rialmo.

What is Expected in the Line of Duty?

Win or lose his lawsuit, which could still be thrown out by the discretion of a judge, Rialmo's decision to sue the LeGrier's is raising eyebrows and questions. The lawsuit itself claims that he has suffered and will continue to suffer "extreme emotional trauma" due to his allegedly forced actions to end Quintonio's life and consequently Ms. Jones's life as well. Opponents of his decision claim that police officers are expected to face hardships, tough decisions, and violence in the line of duty; to blame a victim for the consequences of their employment is a "low blow," claims Mr. LeGrier's lawyer, Basileios Foutris.

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