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Foutris Law Office, Ltd. is a civil rights firm focused on achieving justice for victims of police misconduct in Chicago and other communities in northern and central Illinois. When you have been victimized by police or other law enforcement officials, it is easy to feel that you are alone and have nowhere to turn to for help. You deserve support and an experienced civil rights lawyer to represent your interests. If your rights have been violated by government officials, contact an experienced Chicago civil rights attorney for a free consultation to find out about the possibility of filing a lawsuit to compensate you for the violation of your rights. Foutris Law Office, Ltd. has recovered compensation for over 95% of clients and has won more than 75% of trials. With results like this, you can feel confident that you are choosing the right firm to represent your interests.

Attorney Basileios Foutris, founder of Foutris Law Office, Ltd. is a Chicago native that experienced police brutality firsthand as a teenager. He knows what it feels like to have a police officer point a gun at him for no justifiable reason. Because of his personal experience Mr. Foutris has a clear understanding of what victims undergo when they have experienced police misconduct. He uses his personal experience to help his clients get justice for the violation of their rights. Before founding Foutris Law Office, Ltd. to represent the victims of police misconduct, including victims of false arrest, police shootings and wrongful death, Mr. Foutris defended police officers in civil rights cases. This experience provides him with an insight into how they operate, the terminology they use, where to look for evidence of their wrongdoing and how they prepare to defend against such allegations as coerced confessions, taser abuse and excessive force.

Civil Rights Lawyer: Protecting Your Rights

Although Foutris Law Office, Ltd. is a small firm, it routinely represents clients in significant cases, including ones where the city government fields a team of several defense attorneys to fight the charges to avoid responsibility for their officers' illegal behavior, such as when police officers have engaged in malicious prosecution or when they have shot and killed someone. Mr. Foutris has won several police misconduct cases when it was just his client's word against the police officer's. Many defense attorneys refer cases to him, which speaks of their belief in his abilities. His skills have been recognized in court, with a federal judge stating in a written opinion that Mr. Foutris is "well informed" and "knowledgeable."

Your Civil Rights are important and there is no reason for them to be impeded upon. Many have fought hard to ensure that citizens have rights and when the government attempts to ignore them, it is then your turn to fight back and the team at the firm can help. Under the law you have certain rights and in many instances there are grounds for legal action to be taken against those who exploit them. Many people may not understand the case they have when it comes to the government, believing that they are too powerful to go against. In fact, many individuals have been compensated for wrongful action taken out against them. The courts are meant to judge a case strictly on the evidence and not on who the plaintiff and the defendant are.

Victims of Police Brutality

Law enforcement is accountable for their actions too and when they are at fault they should not be let off the hook merely because of their job. There are many ways that they can overstep their boundaries and may begin to lose sight of right and wrong with the power given to them. When you work with the firm, you will have a dedicated advocate to help you hold accountable those who have wronged you. The firm cares about their clients on a personal level and will strive to achieve a favorable result for you. Whether you have experienced unlawful search & seizure, failure to intervene, due process violations or a wrongful conviction, the firm is ready to begin work on a strategy for exercising your rights to compensation in a civil lawsuit.

Your rights are one of the most important things you have. They are worth protecting and a skilled law firm may be able to help you do just that. Do no waste any time in speaking to a qualified member of the firm to learn what can be done to right a wrong done against you. Fill out a free case evaluation form on the website to have an attorney review your case and offer their legal opinion. It will be important to establish that your rights were violated in some way an a professional can review your case early on to help determine if an officer or other member of the government was at fault. You can also call the office directly to schedule an appointment.

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